The Modern Vintage Boutique Difference

The Modern Vintage Boutique Difference

1st Feb 2022

Want the latest trends and latest style without having to go into a store? We are Modern Vintage Boutique, an online women’s boutique carrying trendy styles for every season. Follow us on social media to keep up with our latest items, shop updates, sales, and more! Keep reading to learn more about how our boutique is different from other online bou … read more

How To Layer

11th Nov 2020

As the days turn colder, it is likely that your outfits become more and more layered. Whether you throw on a big cozy jacket before heading outside or you choose a couple of smaller layers to keep you warm, layering is essential when it comes to styling fall and winter outfits. However, sometimes it can be hard to know the right way to combine diff … read more

Different Ways to Rock Your Sweaters

5th Oct 2020

Sweaters are a must-have during the fall and winter months. Sweaters can keep you warm and cozy while providing a stylish look that can go with any outfit. Whether you choose an oversized sweater or a cardigan-style sweater, there are an endless amount of styles you can rock when you have a collection of sweaters.At Modern Vintage Boutique, we carr … read more
Why You Need to Add A Romper to Your Closet

Why You Need to Add A Romper to Your Closet

7th Jul 2020

There are many different pieces of clothing that every woman needs in their closet — a good pair of jeans, a classic black tee, a comfy pair of leggings, and a go-to sweater are a few examples. You may think you have everything you need in your closet, but there is one thing you may be missing!A romper is a fun piece of clothing that has been a pop … read more

How to Mix and Match Patterns

8th Jun 2020

While we all love pairing patterned pieces with different outfit staples, one style many of us may have trouble creating is one with multiple patterns. Mixing and matching patterns is a fun trend that can be challenging to tackle. It is hard to know which patterns work together and how to wear mixed patterns together comfortably and confidently.At … read more