Different Ways to Rock Your Sweaters

5th Oct 2020

Sweaters are a must-have during the fall and winter months. Sweaters can keep you warm and cozy while providing a stylish look that can go with any outfit. Whether you choose an oversized sweater or a cardigan-style sweater, there are an endless amount of styles you can rock when you have a collection of sweaters.At Modern Vintage Boutique, we carr … read more
Why You Need to Add A Romper to Your Closet

Why You Need to Add A Romper to Your Closet

7th Jul 2020

There are many different pieces of clothing that every woman needs in their closet — a good pair of jeans, a classic black tee, a comfy pair of leggings, and a go-to sweater are a few examples. You may think you have everything you need in your closet, but there is one thing you may be missing!A romper is a fun piece of clothing that has been a pop … read more